MPlayer Control

About MPlayer Control

MPlayer Control is an MPlayer GUI (frontend) for Windows. MPlayer is the best media player under GNU-GPL license.
With MPlayerC I have included the cygwin/mingw compiled MPlayer binary.
The official MPlayer source code is found at
MPlayerC is released under GNU-GPL license.
Written in Python with the wxPython package.
MPlayer Control features:
  • full graphical control (play/stop/pause/mute/seek....)
  • graphical elapsed time & progress bar
  • start dvd play with prefered audio/subtitle
  • playlist creation tool
  • WinLirc support for IR remote control
  • Multimedia keyboard support
  • Current release: v 1.0.1 (2007.01.01)


    main window main window +terminal settings window right-click menu
    Click the image to enlarge.

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